Team Millennium arrived in Philadelphia for the AIA convention on May 19-21st. A three-day architecture and design show featuring top innovative companies from software development to building solutions. With architects coming in from all over the country, we were elated to see some familiar faces from past projects.

            Dan Spiry from BVH Architects was drawn to our booth when he noticed our Zalmag® banner featuring the Pinnacle Bank Arena in Lincoln, Nebraska. Dan was the lead architect in designing the Nebraska Huskers stadium and we humbly asked him to autograph our banner.  

            Philadelphia is a fascinating city with beautiful architecture and a rich history. With some down time outside the convention, we took a chance to explore the city and its local food spots. At Millennium we are always interested in trying something new including a Queenstown hole-in-the-wall restaurant and the local delicacy squab, aka pigeon meat. AIA Philadelphia was a huge success and we will definitely be returning next year for the convention in Orlando, Florida.

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