Color Options


Light Interference Color (LIC) is an electrochemical process which thickens the naturally occurring chromium oxide on stainless steel. The clear oxide layer acts like a prism, refracting light and creating our various colors. Since the color is only perceived and it is light interference on the surface of the material, UV Light cannot affect the color. Installations more than 30 years old have not shown any change. LIC creates more artistic variable colors than the uniform static color of paint. Light conditions and viewing angles will have a varying effect on the perceived color. Millennium uses LAB Color measurements to define a color tolerance, see below.

Colors: Natural, Pewter, Wheat, Bronze, Blue, Slate, Bronze/Gold, Burgundy, Purple/Blue, Peacock, Blue/Green, Charcoal (available only in #4/Scotchbrite finish)


TiNi colors are achieved by vapor deposition. Various nitrides are plasmatised to fuse with stainless steel. These surfaces are extremely hard and are traditionally used as wear surfaces. The color will remain constant over time and will create a more uniform appearance than light interference color (LIC).

Colors: Imperial Gold, Permanent Copper

Color Defined

LAB defines color in a 3-Dimensional Space.

  • L represents Light to Dark
  • A represents Red to Green
  • B represents Yellow to Blue

We use this measurement to define our colors, our tolerances in color variation, and to control quality.

Please note: We will commit to a DELTA range. Actual LAB values may change based on material properties, material finish, and other production considerations.